Friday, April 2, 2010

schedules, timing, and being just a

Normally you find my posts to be the random rantings of a tired Mom, they're usually posted around 1 am....not today. Today my schedule is all messed up, but for good reason, so I'll just leave it at that. Today instead of writing to you from the glare of a midnight computer screen, I write in the glare of the morning sun. A different perspective, to say the least.

Natalie has started her weird eating habits again. Her favorite foods are broccoli with no cheese, no butter and chicken broth.....(she's eating off of my plate, not hers) not exactly the best foods to help maintain her weight, but she just doesn't want what is offered to her anymore, i think shes bored with her food. She has gone on another milk hiatus. The only dairy product she will put in her mouth is either cheese cubes or ice cream, so I'm kinda working the ice cream angle. Scandishakes have been refused to the point that I'm wasting money and she will only eat the breading off of her chicken nuggets....*sigh*

We've been working with a cough for the past week or so, she remains afebrile with clear lungs (according to my humble assessment and my humble stethoscope) so I'm pretty sure that its just her seasonal allergies throwing a fit, that being said, being a nurse does not make you a doctor, so we will be making a trip to the clinic next week. Her vest treatments are going fabulously and she actually fell asleep doing a treatment last night! Woot!

Today Caitlin comes home, this makes me happy. Its wonderful to have both of my girls in the same place at the same time, even though they fight like cats and dogs at times. You would think that since they are nearly 7 years apart that they should have nothing in common, therefore nothing to fight about....wrong. Guess being female is enough in common to illicit an argument....

However, today we will work through it, today we are going to have a good day. As Ive mentioned before, I procrastinate, so we are off to get Caitlin's Easter dress, I already have her shoes and Natalie's shoes and dress, which is quite an accomplishment, so we're just going to build from there, have some fun, shop a little, and enjoy each other's company.

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