Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Who loves Scandishake? WE love Scandishake!

Natalie has been on nutritional supplements since she was 18 months old, her appetite has never been fabulous, we have had struggle after struggle trying to figure out what foods she likes best (changes weekly), what she "feels" like eating (usually not much), and at the begining (18 months old or so) we usually ended up settling for whatever Natalie decided, as is usually the case with a toddler, you cant MAKE them eat.

Initially we started Natalie on was the sure fire answer to our prayers, packed with vitamins, fat, calories, and protien. It worked too, she gained at whopping 3 pounds in 3 months and we were more than happy to fork over the $9-$12 per six pack in order to keep the weight piling on. After 6 months, the weight gain started to fall off and the doctor added Periactin to our medication regimine. We didnt think much about it and continued with the Pediasure and the Periactin and continued to slowly add on some weight. Up until about 6 months ago.....then, one day, Natalie said "No".....uh oh?!

The extended time drinking the Pediasure had taken a toll on Natalie. She was TIRED of it and she absolutely REFUSED to drink ANYTHING out of her sippy cup because she thought it was all Pediasure....we had to get her used to her sippy cup again AND find a new way to sneak in some extra calories. Enter Scandishake!

Scandishake is NOT a meal replacement and IS NOT fortified like Pediasure is, but when it comes down to calories, weight gain, and wins HANDS DOWN! Granted it is more expensive, $9-$12 for a four pack, plus its not pre mixed (you mix it with 8 oz of whole milk) and if you try to drink it before its fully dissolved in the milk, its kinda grainy (blech!) But if you do it right, I havent found anything that beats it, AND Natalie will drink it, even after our unfortunate Pediasure experience. It comes in different flavors (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry) and it has 600 calories when mixed with 8 oz of whole milk (woot!!)

So anyways, just an opinion, it has worked for us so far......hopefully she wont declare war on Scandishake too :)

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