Monday, April 5, 2010

ER trips and recovery....

We made a late night trip to the ER Friday. Initially the trip was for Caitlin, she woke up having intense ear pain and with her history of ear infections and their severity, I didn't hesitate to go and try to get her some antibiotics. About an hour into sitting in the waiting room with Caitlin, Justin called to inform me that Natalie had spiked a really high temp. Seeing as how I was to be at work at 7am, I told him to go ahead and bring her too....that's right, I used the ER for a clinic (ER people hate that) but I had no choice, they needed help and I don't know of any after hours clinics around here that are open at 11:00 pm, they all close at 9 pm. That being said, I don't expect too much from ER MD's, its late, they're tired, they don't know my child, they have no medical history except what I supply...its a difficult situation to be in, I understand that. HOWEVER, this ER MD apparently had already written Natalie off before he even came into the room, he listened to her, told me to give her Tylenol and Motrin, force fluids, and follow up with her primary on this is all AFTER I had explained her Vest treatments, her previous chest xrays, and went through a pretty thorough medical history....the only thing that never came out of my mouth is "She has Cystic Fibrosis." I didn't find it necessary, it was in the chart, I watched the nurse write it along with her current medication list...anyway, so to get to the point he gave me the "you're just a mom trying to find something wrong with your kid" discharge instructions, he left the room to get my discharge papers to sign, I didn't want to argue with him seeing as how Natalie had just finished a round of Azithromycin and Prednisone (which he was also told) I'm not a huge fan of the over use of antibiotics either, so I didn't complain. I noticed that he was taking a terribly long time to get back to the room (the nurse station was right in front of our room) and when he walked back into the room he has this totally confused look on his face and asks "She has Cystic Fibrosis??" Ummm yeah, did you read? Did you listen? The answer to that is, apparently not. Then all of a sudden his tune has changed dramatically, he informs me that he has been on the phone with the MD's at Children's Hospital in New Orleans and that he's going to give her Augmentin and blah, blah, blah....I couldn't help but think, oh so NOW he's concerned. Ive gone over this in my head several times and I cant seem to find the right answer, I mean if she didn't have CF, would she have been given the appropriate treatment? or is it that because she has CF she is being over treated? I was disturbed...I still am, I don't know what to think, except I'm glad that our ER trips are few and far between...So after 4 hours, running between 2 rooms (they wouldn't let me put both children in the same room) going back and forth with the doctor...we got home....3 at 7am....for 16 hours....ouch! It was was stupid....but it was done and done correctly. Thank God!

The girls are getting better...Caitlin is back in full swing and Natalie is trying....poor little thing has been sick since January. She is such a trooper though, she smiles, nods, and takes it all in stride....eventually :)

It was one of those days again today, spring in Southeast Louisiana is a beautiful thing. The doors were wide open, and I shooed the girls outdoors, after all we topped 80 degrees (woot!) Caitlin was out of school, Natalie was feeling okay, so we spent the afternoon soaking up some vitamin D, working our muscles, and stretching those air bags :) Bike riding down our street, laying out on beach towels, delayed Easter egg hunts, it was a good time. We're slowly but surely on the mend.

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