Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mission: Fatten up Natalie

We all know that Natalie is extremely pancreatic insufficient. It's a battle we've been fighting since the beginning. Her last appointment was less than encouraging. Between her weight and her cough, it was not our best clinic.

I had let Natalie start to have more of a say in her eating. I was adopting the idea that if I made every meal an ordeal then she would NEVER want to eat....so I had slacked off some and I honestly thought it was going pretty well. I'm not going to sit here and blame myself completely, but I feel like I could have been more insistent on what and how much she was eating. However, since all of this I have gone back to my drill sergeant ways....only this time, I have Natalie actively participating.

Our goal? 50lbs
Our reward? A Chuck E Cheese Party.

Last week we gained a whopping 3 lbs. This week is going pretty well. No gains but no loss either. She's asking me to check her weight and her eyes light up as the numbers go up. It gives her a sense of pride and something to work toward....other than just keeping me quiet and off of her case.

So we shall see how it goes. Will keep you posted. Until then ~j