Friday, April 2, 2010

easter eggs and new lungs......

An eventful day it has been, I would be remiss if I didnt begin this blog by saying that we are drowning in prayer at this time that Piper from A Matter of Life and Breath , her family, her donor and her donor family are surrounded by the love of God, that the surgeons hands are guided by the stregnth and wisdom of God, and that Piper is well, happy, healthy, and able to breathe deeply once this is over with. I would be lying if I said that every transplant story, every achievement of a CFer, didnt affect me. It does, very personally. I see them as possible outcomes for my little one and I sit back, sometimes rather quietly, but am cheering just the same, praying just as hard, worrying as much as if I knew them in person. I had butterflies today, waiting to hear news about Piper. When her facebook and blog updated, I yelled across the house to my fiance, "Honey, looks like she's going to get them this time!"...and he knows what Im talking about. Ronnie from Run sickboy Runkeeps me looking ahead, looking forward to things (love, marriage)It sounds selfish, but I need them to succeed, it gives me hope. At one time I wasnt sure Natalie would get the chance to do the things Ronnie has done, Piper has done, I still dont know that she will, but I have hope. That's the amazing thing about the CF community, though I am realitively new to the fight (3 1/2 years), I have yet to meet someone that had no compassion, or was rude, I have yet to meet someone that wasnt all about succeeding by any means, nor someone who didnt want to share their story. How blessed we all are to have each other. What a wonderful time of year to look at our blessings, our new way of CF life that we are privy to only because of the sacrafice of others, those we have lost who are never very far from our thoughts.

I didnt mean for this to start out so heavy, its a season of celebration, of life, of renewal, and its a time for Easter eggs! Caitlin and Natalie and I decorated eggs today. Caitlin and her usual perfectionist approach didnt want anything to do with the eggs that had even a hairline fracture, Natalie grabbed onto her first egg with an uncanny attachment and didnt let go. They had a good time, got messy, pictures to come soon :) Happy Easter to everyone!!

This entry was cut short related to a unplanned trip to the ER last night (most of them are :) but Im going to go ahead and post it, better late than never :)

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