Sunday, September 19, 2010


Just a random post.

I am a nurse.

I love chocolate.

I hate medicine. I believe in the power of the human body to correct itself. This statement is void if you have an actual functioning problem (as in something just doesn't work right, is broken, damaged or deformed) This, of course, only works if you commit yourself to a healthy lifestyle....I don't even do this, but I believe it works. Ive seen it.

I think that "Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy" on SNL was one of the best recurring skits of all time, aside from Stuart Smalley.

These arent the originals, they're hard to find, go figure.

I love chocolate. I think its the best escape under the sun. Beaches make me self conscious and sand makes me itch. Just give me a chocolate bar and a front porch with a rocking chair and I'm good, really good.

People often mistake me for stuck up. Im actually quite self-conscious and prefer small intimate groups to large social settings.

I love pictures. However, I am terrible at getting them printed. If my hard drive ever crashes, my childrens entire childhoods will be lost.

My secret dream job is to be a photographer.

I think that the ultimate "ha! in your face!" moment for parents is when their children ask to come back home.

Chocolate, did i mention that I like chocolate?

I don't go to church, but i listen to the sermons on cd. Sometimes I wonder if thats the same as not reading a book and waiting for the movie to come out.

Anyways, just sayin' much love ~j


  1. I think this was one of your best posts. Had a really nice flow to it and feel. Nice. So you're a chocolate freak, huh? I like it to. M&Ms for me. I remember the snl skits.. You have good taste. In my next life, I'm going to make sure we are friends and both like the Broncos. UC

  2. Thanks for you wonderful comment on my blog. I got choked up and couldn't reply. Touching. UC

  3. I love hearing from you over here. You keep me writing. The comment was my pleasure. I must try to become at least a fair weather Bronco's fan...the Saints are going to give me an anxiety attack. Im quite sure I woke the baby at least once, maybe twice yelling at the TV tonight *sigh*. you're the best ~j