Friday, April 30, 2010

Oil Spill and the "B" word

So you can't really turn on the TV without noticing the fact that there is a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, we are in Southeast Louisiana, this makes for a precarious situation. I woke up this morning to my back yard smelling like a diesel fueling station, I immediately made a call in to the clinic. They didn't seem to be too worried about it, but if i felt that i needed to leave, that i should...ugh! Of course they're going to put the burden on me to decide....anyways, thankfully with the rain the smell seemed to disperse in the late afternoon hours and not even a hint of the smell could be detected inside, so before we pack up and relocate, we're going to evaluate this situation a little further.

I am going into Twitter meltdown, I finally understand the uses of Twitter and how it can be useful, unfortunately I think that if i hear my Tweetdeck notification one more time, I'm going to lose it. So, much like my friend UnknownCystic, the volume is off at this time for my own good. *sigh* I'm exhausted and I haven't done anything more than normal...maybe its mental exhaustion, actually it has to be because like I said before, I haven't done anything more than normal.....

I have however found myself in uncharted territory. My 10 year old came home and told me that her stepmother called me "the B word" much as I don't care, I do care that the comment was made in front of my 10 year old. The woman could shout it from the rooftops for all I care, its not the first time me and that word have been said in combination, and God knows it certainly wont be the last. But not in front of the kids, jeez, restrain yourself a little. I did send her a text informing her of my displeasure, it was civil as I aim to take the high road. I am from a divorced family myself and know the horrors of people downing your "other" parent, whether they deserve it or not, it leaves holes, scars. Its an insult to your very being, pieces of you, where you came from, who you look like, who you may or may not act like. When you insult the "other" parent, you are insulting the child, whether you mean to or not. So to all of you "step" people out there, censor yourself. They're listening, always, they read your looks as well as any more for the children than satisfying your own selfish need to the end you will harm the children more than you will make yourself feel better, and you wont make the "other" parent feel bad at all.

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  1. Juli,

    I feel for you guys in the Gulf. This is terrible. As a mother, you'll know when you need to get out of there. Trust your mommy
    "gut instinct." Fumes are bad for all of you and the government will always be late making the call. When we have fires here in LA, we make day trips to areas around us to escape the smoke. Not sure it's the same for you and how far you'd have to go.

    Had to laugh at your mention of me and Tweetdeck. I wasn't joking when I said that I was hearing that strange beep when tweetdeck was open. I was. Especially when I was trying to sleep. I had to go into TD and mute the darn sound of it. Feel much better now like I may not be going crazy afterall.

    Wishing you the best. Hope they shut that valve soon.