Monday, April 19, 2010

New layout for Conner.....

I'm sure the first thing you notice is my change in layout....maybe :) The red ribbons are for can visit his Mom by clicking here. Stop by and show Sarah some love and support, she and her family could use it right now. Love and prayers to all of them!

Spent the day recovering from my work marathon and chasing Natalie....that's nothing new. She is better, her cough is slowly becoming non existent so I'm pretty happy. Still fighting with the pharmacy...come to find out I have to have a new Rx every 6 months so my script on Natalie's Creon was invalid and had to be redone as well....they could have told me that LAST week....but that's alright. Not going to get excited about it.

I don't really have the energy to get excited about much. Its Monday....ugh! I know this is kinda half done, but I just felt the need to make an is uneventful right now, trying to focus on getting Natalie completely well, that's all, and that's okay with me.

My first born is going to be 10 soon.....10, ten, TEN....oh that makes me so sad...I don't know where the time has gone, I so wish I could do it over again, but as Sarah said in her last post, this is not a dress rehearsal....just one shot....make it a good well and best wishes ~Juli

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