Saturday, October 30, 2010

Great Strides PLUS 100th post and counting.....

We had a great time today with the CFF and got some great ideas for next year's fundraising. Team Natalie raised $400 for the CFF, which is an excellent start. We have plans to make next year huge!

I loved our color choice of hot pink shirts with purple writing. We stood out like sore thumbs and I loved it. Definitely going to stick with the color theme for every walk. I even bought a hot pink hat to match....too much? I think not ;)

I was so proud of Caitlin for getting out there with us, keeping pace step for step (occasionally warning us of our slowing pace), and being super enthusiastic about it. She was, and always is, an amazing little girl.

We started out in the morning at 45 degrees. I just knew we were going to freeze, but it quickly warmed up and made for a perfect morning to walk.

A very special and HUGE "Thank You!" to those who came out and supported us in every way.


This is my 100th post.

Its been a good day. However, instead of a lengthy wordy post, tonight I am going to leave you with pictures. More to follow soon. All of my best to you all, always. much love ~j


  1. You should feel proud of the job you're doing taking care of your daughters and fighting the CF battle. Not all moms get out there and take action. It may not feel comfortable all the time and it may be a fight you were drafted into, but you are awesome. We only get what we can handle in life and you can handle a lot, my friend. I'm proud to know you.

  2. You always arrive just in time to pick me up and make me smile. Thank you for your kind words. The walk has gotten my creative mind going and gotten a lot of my friends motivated to help. Next year is going to be amazing....Your comments are always much appreciated my unknown friend. All of my best to you and the fam....btw, where is Fox? I think one of his sneaky relatives has be creating havoc in SELA ;) much love always ~j