Monday, October 11, 2010

Houses, School Districts, and Locations, OH MY!!!

"Hello world and welcome to Brain Overload!"

"Today we have a lovely contestant trying to pick out a house that is within her budget, within certain school districts, and is bigger than a closet! Lets all laugh while her head explodes!" *resounding applause*

Yeah, Im a little off. But I do have to keep myself amused somehow, right? :)

I'm super excited and super nervous to be embarking on this whole journey of first time home buying, but it is seriously making me a nervous wreck.

What if I pick the wrong house?

What if I dont like the neighbors?

What if the neighborhood becomes trashy in 5 years?

What if I buy the house and everything falls apart a month later?

Oh the stress! But its a good kind of stress. I am so grateful that I am able to do this and so grateful for the people who pointed me in the right direction. Yeah, Im rambling. When I said brain overload, I really wasnt kidding...its never ending.

The girls are super excited too. Caitlin is just worried about staying at the same school. Natalie just wants her own room again.

So tomorrow is the day. Eight houses. Five neighborhoods. Let the fun begin.

much love! ~j


  1. You'll know which house is right for you when you see it and you've seen others that aren't the one. It's a great time to buy right now with interest rates so low. Almost free money. Glad you're making the leap. Don't stress so much. Easy for me to say.

    Wishing all you the best.

  2. Thanks UC! You're right. The "one" did present itself quite obviously....just had to take the time to walk into all of them :) Hope you're continuing to feel better. much love ~j