Monday, October 25, 2010

iPhone conspiracy.

I suggest to you today that one fact is obvious and true.

Apple is on a mission to control the world.

This is much like Microsoft, but in a much more cruel and calculating manor. Microsoft has the upperhand (barely and for now) in the PC market, therefore it affects mostly your home and work life, the moments when you are still, staying in one place....

Apple, they seek to control you when you're at your most vulnerable....when you're on the go....enter the iPhone.

They have convinced the masses that there is no better phone on the planet than the iPhone, and we have fallen for it, hook, line, and sinker. Therefore, it makes the iPhone a highly prized possession and a highly craved possession.....

Someone stole my iPhone. They stole it while it was sitting no more than 10 feet from me and while my back was turned.

Just like that my appointments, my phone numbers, my instant bill pay, my world was gone.....not to mention my purple and black Fleur de lis case that I love so much....I'm devastated. I'm hurt. I'm angry. I'm still in shock. I cant believe I work with people who would do that to me.

My fellow iPhone users know that once you go to an iPhone, its nearly impossible to go back to anything else without having to go to rehab. It is user-friendly and it does everything. I can pay my bills, blog, check my facebook, and stalk my friends (j/k) from one nifty little device. Its awesome.

Well, I did everything I could to try and get it back for as long as I could stand to go without...called the cops, tried to track it through AT&T Family Map, offered a monetary award at work....but those who know me know how very, very impatient I am when it comes to such.....

Soooo this morning, first thing, I headed to AT&T to get another one.

As I was waiting and pondering the choice between the iPhone 4 or the 3Gs and saving 100 bucks to put toward something more important, like groceries or something to put in my new house.....I realized just how stuck I truly am. Technically there were four or five phones that I could have walked out of the store with at little or no cost.....but there I was, instead pondering the choice between spending $100 or $200......

Its sick.

I'm stuck.

Hail Apple, ruler of my cell phone universe ;)

much love ~j

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