Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Please don't look at us that way.

You see my disheveled appearance and cock an eyebrow, but do you know Ive been up all night listening to her cough and repositioning her so she can breathe easier.

You see her runny nose and for a moment hear the cough that makes me cringe 24-7. You give her the "that's disgusting" look, turn up your nose and keep walking.

You look at her like she's rude when she doesn't cover her mouth, but what you don't know is that her mommy told her not to because if she covers her mouth, she doesn't cough as well. So I cover her mouth for her so she can cough with all of her might.

You see the purple streaks in my hair and assume that I'm "one of those", you assume that I'm trying to be different, when in fact all I want you to do is comment or ask so I can tell you about our fight, our fundraising, and why we need your help.

You don't know us, but you could.

You don't know our fight and I pray you never do.

You don't know what you're turning your nose up to, cocking an eyebrow at, and turning away from when you turn away from us.....but you could.

A kind word, a well phrased question, or even a smile could open a door.....then you would know, then you would understand, then you wouldn't look at her that way.

Please stop looking at us that way.

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