Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dude that doesnt look like a speck of dust in your eye, its more like a boulder.....

I'm doing it again. Stalking the Internet. No real input to give. No words of wisdom. No witty or uplifting comments to offer.....I'm brain dead.

We did, however, have a major revolution today. Natalie actually held her own nebulizer and didn't have a screaming bloody fit. *yay* She was proud, Mommy was proud and we took pictures. I think it helped a lot better too :)

As soon as I figure out this computer or get my laptop fixed, Ill be happy to share....yes, yes, another, different computer....Apparently I have a problem, at least I'm starting to think I do :)

But fear not people, I am in one piece and goes on. Like one of my friends and fellow nurses said, Ive had worse than this in my eye and have made it just fine. I just wish stuff would quit getting in my eye to begin with, I mean seriously.....

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