Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday mood swings.....

I don't like drama. Its definitely not my forte. I prefer simple, to the point.

Like it matters, though. Drama follows me. It surrounds me. I hate it.

I believe when most people look forward to life, they look for adventure, they look for excitement, they look forward to moments that will make great stories. I just look forward to peace, just peace.

Natalie has waged another war against dairy products, except cheese and the occasional ice cream cone. This makes supplements nearly impossible. Scandishake is out most of the time, Carnation Instant Breakfast is out, no adding heavy whipping cream to anything....I'm screwed.

On the flip side, merely by chance, we found out that Natalie will eat Lo Mien....yay! I can eat Chinese food without hitting up the drive through window first! :) She seems to be branching out a little...just a little though. If I can add one new food choice per week, I'll be a happy mommy.

Caitlin is with her Dad again. I got pictures of her getting a pedicure today via MMS. She was excited. She needed a little pampering and I'm glad that her stepmother does those sorts of thing for her and with her. School starts soon....very soon. Ugh! Waking up at the crack of dawn, fighting about bed times, wake up times, dinner times, homework, procrastination.....oooooh my head hurts just thinking about it.

And as for me? I'm cold and munching on Dove chocolate bars and Slim Jims simultaneously. Yes you heard me correctly. If I read this somewhere else, I would cringe too, but for some reason its working for me right now. This can only mean one thing....its gonna be a heck of a week....I almost feel sorry for the people around me....almost. Went looking for apartments for a bit today....not fun at all. The good thing is that there are plenty available...I just have to adjust to living on a single income again. ugh!

But all is on the up and up. Hope it is on your end too ;) ~j

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