Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I had planned on going on a hiatus of sorts....planned on running. I don't want this to turn into an "oh poor pitiful me" party and the best way to avoid such nonsense is to avoid the place that brings out my innermost thoughts....here.

As it seems, blogging is addictive. I have found no comfort in the 36 hours from simply avoiding this place. In fact, I sorta miss it...so plans have changed again.

Life alone is progressing. Finally starting to reacquire a few things that I left behind or gave away when we moved in together. This is thanks to friends and family. The same people who were there for round one are standing by and supporting me again on round two....Thanks guys. Aaaand there are some new faces who weren't around for my divorce who are hanging in and digging me out....you know who you are, thanks for keeping me smiling. :)

The girls are fine. Caitlin misses her room, Natalie just wants to know when we can bring her toys. Soon enough though, all things come in time....looking into getting back into my old neighborhood, where I lived before Katrina....Caitlin is excited about that idea. We both loved it there. Natalie is oblivious. Doesn't ask many questions and is content with the answers I give. She's only asked to go home once, I told her we couldn't, she said "okay" and skipped off to play.

The world keeps turning, life goes on. There are appointments to be made and kept, dentist, doctors, specialists, lists to be made, dinner to be cooked, clothes to be washed, medicines to give, fun to be had, life to be lived....this was so much more earth shattering the first time....but that's for a different day.

all of my best ~J


  1. BTW, just so you don't forget: You're a dream girl. You love football. No guy can ask for more than that. Sorry, just trying to bring some humor to your night. But it's true. I bet you watch Sportscenter, too. Awesome. BTW, I dig all the video posts. Very cool. I have to think of a good one to send you.

    Glad you didn't take a break.

  2. I can't post fromthe computer for some reason, so bear with me :)
    I do watch sportscenter as long as it's not baseball or basketball related :) and, of course, assuming the tv isn't occupied with nick jr :)
    I always enjoy your humor, thanks for the compliment and thanks for coming to see me ~j