Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Always and adventure, Always a story

I never realized how amusing my life is until I decided to start sharing it with you guys, not that I feel like my life is exciting, but Im hoping that maybe someone can relate, just maybe someone has been there, felt it, wondered it, seen it, hoping that somehow in the solitude that a mom can feel dealing with this disease day in and day out, I can find a connection, conjure a laugh, or make someone feel not so alone in their quest. Our day started out with grocery shopping. I am a nurse and I only work a "weekend special" for those of you who dont know, thats 2 16 hour shifts, one saturday and one sunday, so im pretty much out of pocket until monday, the good thing is that I am home 5 days a week with my little ones :) anyhoo, being gone that long requires groceries to be stocked so that there is an endless list of choices on the food end, i try to make it as easy as possible on her daddy, and in the end that means that its easier on me. On the way there, i did it, i admit it, i bribed a 3 year old, i told her that if she drank ALL of her scandishake, i would buy her a toy, and she did (YAY!) so mommy bought a toy :) it only took her 30 mins to pick it out too, i couldnt rush her, after all it was my own doing, right? i sat and watched her as she stood in the toy aisle, gazing in wonder at the what must seem monstrously tall and shelves of toy after toy, for a moment i envied her, how wonderful the small things are, toys, christmas lights, rainbows, sprinklers, all the things that seem common place and ordinary by the time we've grown "older and wiser" by the time we got to the checkout, the ice cream was melted all over the broccoli, but hey, we got an extra 600 calories in! woooohooo! :)Tonight we went to see "Princess and the Frog", it was Natalie's first trip to a movie theater. She kept asking over and over on the way there, "mommy, where is the DVD theater?" I suppose it was a cross between the fact that she knows that movies come from DVD's and us telling her we were going to the theater. anyways, i think i enjoyed it as much as she did, not that the movies was all that great, but I enjoyed watching her see everything for the first time, it must have seemed so big, so amazing, and for the second time today, i appreciated the little things just a little bit more because of her, because she is part of my life. My little girl is amazing, and she just happens to have CF.

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