Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Vest System......better known as Exorcism in a Bag :)

I had hoped to have some pictures tonight, proudly displaying Natalie's first vest session, but there were no pictures, no smiles, it was just a mess. Its not funny, its really not, but Im trying not to be so incredibly frustrated, hence the title of this evenings blog. Today's meeting with the Hill-Rom rep and the training session that followed was a total disaster. My poor baby, she just screamed bloody murder. When I went into this whole thing, the idea was for Natalie to get better airway clearance, and she did, just not from the vest. The rep turned it on, and she screamed, not just a regular cry, an all out, top of her lungs, demon exorcism scream, it was like nothing I've ever heard. Actually I have heard it one other time, her first nebulizer treatment in the hospital she did the same thing, we were all in tears. This time I didn't cry along with her, I did my best to reassure her, to try to focus her, to talk about hugs, and making funny noises, but she would have none of that....It was heartbreaking, frustrating chaos.....Here's to hoping for a better session tomorrow.

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