Friday, March 19, 2010

Vest System Day 2.....not a total disaster.

Well, at least she didn't scream when she saw it this time. We got it on, she started to fuss a little, but I kind of get the idea that she's only fussing because she thinks shes supposed to. I only say that because when Natalie really and truly doesn't want to do something, she is strong, she fights and she is relentless. Today, she was just kind of whining. Hopefully that means that she just finds it to be more of an inconvenience than a life altering, emotionally scarring event. We tried singing, we tried, making noises, we even tried the Crayon and paper idea that Piper had, but that just frustrated her. We got through an entire five minutes before she started to have a nervous breakdown. The MD said it was okay to do the vest in short increments until she gets used to it. So here we go, working our way up....

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