Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Not everyone needs enzymes.....

Natalie is the only person in either of out families to have CF, we can go back 4 generations and know for a fact that it was never diagnosed....that being said, I have a 6 month old niece. She's a cute little chubby thing (no CF) who likes to stick things in her mouth, bang things together, and shriek for no reason :) I was babysitting her and as I was getting Natalie set up for her breakfast, I was also getting my niece's bottle ready at the same time. After I finished with Natalie's enzymes and sat her plate in front of her, I picked up my niece and started to feed her her bottle.....Natalie looked at me very confused and said in a very accusing tone, "MOMMY....YOU FORGOT AVERY'S ENZYMES!!!" My heart dropped and swelled with pride at the same time..... I told Natalie, "Baby, not everyone needs enzymes, but good job on telling Mommy." I was sad that I had to tell her in a round about way that she was different, but proud that she is so conscious of her own care, and the care of others, that she knew that youre supposed to have enzymes before you eat. So goes the ups and downs of CF life, small victories, pride in the strangest of places, and what seemed to be such a strange and difficult routine to establish, has now become common place for her, for all of us.

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