Friday, March 11, 2011

One track mind.....

Everyone tells me I should get a hobby. Get out. Do something.

That's all fine and good. But what no one realizes is just how much I am juggling already.

Daddy here, Daddy there, Caitlin here, Natalie there, my personal life gets shoved to the back burner or gets shoved into the middle of all of it.....add work, bills, taxes and I'm kinda left sitting here saying "hobby what?!"

I do find time for other things.....this blog for one, the CFF and fundraising, and now Advocare.....

The problem is that with so much going on, there is only room for one of these things at a time. My multitasking abilities are at their limit.....

I wish it weren't that way.....but it is....oh well.

Natalie is fine. Caitlin is fine.

I'm working my way to getting fine....Advocare pushing me along. Cardio today. Two 16 hour shifts this weekend, a modified diet, and lots and lots of water.....

I'm just waiting for my glowing skin and my a$$ to shrink by about 6 inches :) hmmmm wouldn't that be nice....I'm having images of my 17 year old body in a bikini on a beach somewhere.....except this time I'll be 30 and not give a damn who's looking at me.....yeah....hmmmm.....okay, okay, I'm lost in that one for a minute :)

I know I'm lying though. The truth of the matter is that no matter how much weight i lose, how many inches are shed....I'm "that girl" know the one I mean.....stick thin pulling at her barely there skin going "omg! i am such a cow!" lol! yeah, its bad. No, I do not have an eating and eating are two of my fav pass times......OBVIOUSLY!

My Wii Fit scolded me this morning for the 1.6 pounds that I have gained that threw me across the BMI line from "normal" to "over weight".....I really wanted to toss the board. The kids would have been a little angry, so I just turned it off instead.

So its about that time again....I am on a regimen.....eating and/or drinking something every 2-2.5 hours...yeah its all laid out for me, hour to I need a egg timer or egg timers even go up to that long???? ahh well.

my best to you ~j


  1. I recently got a hobby. It's called wine. ;)

  2. Jenny.

    I got a similar hobby a while back (a long while)..... it was fun, but what I didnt know was that hobby in particular turns into the pitter patter of little feet, at least for me(who knew?!) ;) Im thinking about sticking to what I know :)

    my best to you!