Friday, March 18, 2011

The Lioness and the Turkey Loaf.....

I know some of my readers are already aware of the fact that I have started the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. For those who don't, you can visit Advocare's website here.

Today is Day 8. I'm .2 pounds away from losing 6 lbs in those eight days....exciting, right?

However, I'm not even going to lie. I woke up starving. Not regular hungry, but ravenously starving, almost panicked.

I stumbled into the kitchen, half awake, but moving quickly. My eyes darted wildly about....I looked to the left.....Poptarts.....I look to the right....Double Stuff front of me....grab bags of every flavor chip known to man.....I almost lost it. I closed the pantry door quickly.

I then darted to the refrigerator....fresh green beans, whole mushrooms, Romaine lettuce, egg whites.....**ahhhh, there's my food** panic seemed to subside, only to return again by the realization that ALL of these things had to be prepped and cooked....there was NO waiting.....there was no prep work that was SHORT enough.....there simply was no TIME....I WAS HUNGRY!!!!

I continued my silent panic attack until I realized that the answer was staring right at me....It was beautiful. The glimmering tin foil in the refrigerator light shone like the north star......It was Turkey Loaf from last night.

I grabbed the piece of tin foil like it was going to disappear and hurried to the counter....quickly unwrapped it and without a plate, a fork, or even heating it up, I broke a piece off and shoved it into my mouth.....*ahhh!! relief!!*

After a couple of bites, I was then able to gather one was home, no one had one EVER had to know about this little episode.....I would just gather myself....forget about the 4oz of Turkey Loaf and start my morning regimen as one eeeeeevvvvvveeeeerrrrrr had to know.....

Then I realized what I must have looked like.....half awake, hair a mess, in my pj's guarding tin foil wrapped Turkey Loaf like a Lioness would guard her latest kill....and then I laughed.....and then I had to share....

Life is no fun if you cant make fun of yourself and share it with others.....

my best to you guys, always ~j


  1. The phrase "Gobble, Gobble" has new meaning. You so silly. :-)

  2. Turkey loaf scares me. Now so do you. :-)

  3. @Josh No kidding, huh? I had to laugh at myself it was just too retarded to keep to myself :)

    @UC This is my first experience with ground turkey. Im more of a ribeye, filet, red meat kinda girl....still mooing when it hits the plate....unfortunately this program doesnt allow for such. Soooo to make a long story short, Turkey Loaf scares me too....but desperate times call for desperate measures and Turkey Loaf is a desperate measure. :)