Friday, March 25, 2011

Insensitivity and Kubler-Ross

I know that Ive touched on this topic before. I try not to repeat myself too often, but after a year of blogging I suppose that it is inevitable.

I watch Facebook pretty closely. Between loads of laundry, vest treatments, cooking, cleaning, cleaning what I just cleaned over again....anyway, you get the point. As I check in I watch "friends" sit there and throw out "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!" type comments along with "Hey look how awesome my life is!" comments and I cant help but roll my eyes.

Perhaps I'm a bit guilty of it myself regarding my Advocare postings....but the difference is that I really do want to help....and I really have lost a bunch of weight and I really do feel better....

Maybe I'm being insensitive. Maybe I'm being rude. Maybe I am just....a b*&^h. I dunno. But sometimes I read the stuff that my "friends" with "healthy" children post and I just want to knock the bejeezes out of them, or delete them at the very least. How shallow can you get? Seriously? "Look at me, I'm awesome because I'm on TV and I have a new commercial coming out" Great, good for you.....where was your daughter while you were gallivanting all over creation forwarding your own selfish fame really that important to you? Really?

Jealousy? Nah, I hate cameras. Ask anyone who knows me. Its rare that you find a picture of me...I'm the one BEHIND the camera. Besides, I cant even go on vacation without my me, Ive tried. It was like a 3 day long anxiety attack. Not fun at all.

I just wish that there was some way to take all of these people, put them in a room and show them....really show them how fortunate they are. I wish that they could see how things that they take for granted could be so much more blessed they are to live a free life, truly free, without hoses or masks or machines or pill bottles.....

Kubler-Ross? Anger? Perhaps. Over and over and over again.....





.......Acceptance never comes. I like to pretend that it does. But it just doesnt. I will never accept that this is just the way it is.....there must be something more....there must be a cure.

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  1. Maybe her daughter was with her when she filmed the commercial. Maybe she even posted photos of them there while they were filming it - together. Maybe it's not about fame. Maybe it's about making a living. Where is your daughter while you work as a nurse? Do people crucify you for going to work? The same understanding must be afforded to others. We all have our own careers.

    I'm not saying your life isn't hard, but that, just like some people don't have the whole story about you - maybe you don't know the whole story about them.