Thursday, March 31, 2011


A very good friend of mine (or at least I like to think so) responded to my comment on his blog with the greeting, "Juli of Juliland".....It started me thinking.....yes, yes, I doesn't take much, huh? You can visit UC here.

Anyways. I started to wonder what Juliland would look like.....what would I put into a world made entirely of me.....I shuddered for a moment, laughed and began to compose.....

These were the results:

Football season would last all year.....there would be no Football turning into basketball turning into baseball.....It would just be Fall football, Winter Football, Spring Football, Summer Football....We would have a different league for every season so that the teams and the players didn't get worn out and you didn't get tired of watching the same teams over and over. The playoffs would consist of the champions from each season with the best two in the Superbowl.

No "pop tarts" allowed to sing the National Anthem.

There would be Spark fountains in every town square.

Every town would have a town square because no city would be allowed to grow past the point of the 1950's "main street" type town.

No building could be taller than a tree and for every square foot of concrete there must be an equal square footage of green space. I love trees.

People would not need drugs like xanax or klonopin because life would be stress free. Plus, there would be required "nap and unwind" times during the work day......2pm crash? Hell no. 2pm nap? That's more like it.

There would be no socialized health care.....but there would be real health care with real access. Not the crap that gets pushed off on us. But then again, health care would be purely for maintenance purposes because in Juliland all chronic and genetic diseases have already been cured.

All cars would run on batteries.

All houses would generate their own power.

Families would take pride in the giving of themselves and never ask "what have you done for me lately?"

People would work for what they acquired. No hand-outs. Your place in Juliland is based on your own merit, not because you exist.

Divorce would carry a penalty of would adultery.

Trees. Did I mention that there would be lots of trees. Nice ones too, not just evergreens.....oaks and maples so you could see the seasons change as you walked or rode your bike to the store.

Electronics? Nah....handshakes and handwritten letters would do the trick.....and it would never cross any one's mind that anything else would be better. 

*sigh* I could go on for days......I think I was born in the wrong decade......hmmmmm

I think I'm going to cut this short before I offend someone. :)

My best to you always. ~j


  1. I'd like to visit long as there are no allergies there. It would be brutal otherwise, with all of those trees. Go Cleveland Browns!

  2. I want to live in Juliland. Sounds like a great place to be. Not sure about football all year, it might get old, but at least you change the teams. This is cool.

    You rock. Juliland rocks.

  3. Stacey.

    I would love for you to come to Juliland. No allergies included. I am a seasonal sufferer and allergies would totally ruin my "perfect" world. :) Cleveland Browns? Hey! Didnt you guys steal Fujita from us?? ;) much love ~juli


    It is imperative that you come and live in else would we know what NOT to do seeing as how you have the inside track on the conspiracies of the current state of affairs our great country has dragged us into. You could head up the....what's it called???.....oh I dont know, but you could be our conscience.....much like the supreme court is supposed to be.....sorry for the football year 'round, but it is a must. my best ~j