Monday, November 29, 2010

What a difference a week makes......

Thanksgiving was nice.

No running around. Good food. Saints football on tv and a win to boot.

I dont know whether to be grateful or angry....Natalie is 100% better already. Running around, dancing, laughing....not that she wasnt before, but there is just a little more pep in her step....dancing along with tv shows while doing her treatments....little differences. Her cough is nearly gone....

Its only been 6 days of treatments and the difference is unreal. Miracle medicines or just a bad doctor making a call too late after things had gotten so far out of hand that any additions would help? Im not sure. We added so many medicines with her last visit that I cant be sure which once is helping....Is it the addition of Albuterol & HTS 7%(Hypertonic Saline), or is it the Tobi, Cipro perhaps??? Pick one, any one.

I am grateful that she is better, but there is just this nagging feeling in the back of my long we've needlessly long.

I suppose the truth is that we just have to move forward with a hard lesson learned.

I am trying not to get too excited,but my mortgage broker called this afternoon. He has scheduled the closing for 4:30 pm tomorrow. He says definitely tomorrow.....*sigh* I wish that I could count on that....Im not that type of person though. I am the "plan for the worst, hope for the best" type. Some call me pessimistic, I say Im just a realist.

Christmas shopping has commenced. Natalie is asking to put up decorations already and running to to Holiday ailse at every store shouting "Mommy we neeeeeed this!" Its cute to see her get excited.

Caitlin is with her father. I am kinda glad that she isnt going to be here this week. The back and forth with the mortgage company and the real estate agent was getting to her....She is old enough to understand that things arent going as planned....I told her that it was supposed to be Tuesday or Friday and her response was "Thats what they said last week" She is frustrated, understandably so. We all are. Five months of this is enough to make anyone crazy. My girls are used to having their own space and free reign....I cant wait for them to have that again.

So here we go again. Another week. Another list of "to do's" and challenges, another week of sighs of relief and being okay.

We are good. We are fine. We are okay, and its gonna be alright.

all of my best ~j

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