Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thankful seems so inadequate.....

Tomorrow is Natalie's 4th birthday.

Four years of learning how to be a mom all over again. Four years of sleepless nights and random bouts of tears and anger.

Its taken four years to find a peace with her diagnosis. Im not sure I am completely there, even now.

Regardless of the process, I am ever so thankful. Thankful for the moments when she makes me laugh or makes me cry. I am thankful for every visit to the doctor, every car ride across the "big water" that takes us to the group of people who keep our CF world going....Natalie's CF team. They are an awesome group of people. I am thankful for her health. I am thankful for her progress. I am thankful for how stable she is right now.

Four years.

I didnt know how my world would change 4 years ago. I didnt understand.

She has made me a more relaxed person. She has taught me to take things as they come. She has made me a stronger person. She brings a different dimension to my world. She was a surprise, she was not planned, but life would never be complete without her.

So tonight I wish Happy Birthday to my littlest angel. Mommy loves you!

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