Thursday, November 11, 2010

Keeping up....

I rarely let Natalie in the Playplace at McDonald's. Its nasty. All i keep imagining in my mind are the infinite number and species of viruses and bacteria lining the inner walls of the plastic tubes......

That being said, sometimes she just needs to be a kid.

We went for breakfast at the beginning of the week. An old friend from high school was in with her little girl. The two little ones became quick friends and set out into the maze of colors and plastic while us moms sat on the sidelines, watched, and talked.

I watched Natalie carefully and for the first time noticed that she couldn't quite keep up all the time. She stopped, occasionally winded from the constant running and climbing....It was the first time that I thought maybe she wouldn't be able to keep up with other children her age.....The thought had honestly never crossed my mind....

She never quit though. Not once. She rested when she needed to, but got right back out there and played her little heart out.

Eventually there came a time when I had to put an end to it. We went for breakfast and stayed until they were nearly serving lunch. We all had a good time and in the end, I don't think anyone noticed except me.....

Heartbroken? Not really. Proud? Definitely.

The only person Natalie needs to keep up with is herself. She is learning to listen to her body, but not giving up when she needs to take a minute to regroup.

I couldn't ask for anything more.


  1. You are a great mom. I'm proud of Natalie and I'm proud to be your distant friend.

  2. Thanks for coming by to see us! Its always so nice to hear from you. Thank you for your compliments. It means a lot coming from you. much love ~j