Tuesday, June 22, 2010

8 am on a Tuesday morning.....what could possibly go wrong?

Let the food wars begin!

I guess if I were 3 and I had people shoving medicine down my throat and up my nose and strapping me into weird shaking contraptions, I would want to control what I could too. The problem is that Natalie chooses to control food. She doesn't realize what she's doing.....

Other times I think its just genetic.....there are some picky people in the family and her eating bears a close resemblance to them. The good news is that they all have outgrown it, the bad news is that it took each and every one of them a minimum of 20 years to accomplish that. I don't have 20 years to wait for her eating habits to change.....

If its green you can forget it, if it has more than one part to it (ie. a hamburger) you can forget it, if it requires being chewed for more than 15 seconds you can forget it....this leaves very little to choose from, but I am ever diligent, ever trying new things.

Sesame Street is blaring on the TV over the sound of the vest between phone calls to the MD office...... Natalie is coughing, but no fever, I think this is worse than being "real" sick. They wont do anything if she isn't running a fever, we just have to up her treatments and hope for the best. If they had to watch her cough and gag and sit on the sideline helpless to do anything but encourage her, maybe they would be more concerned, I'm not sure. Maybe there really isn't anything they can do, maybe we're already doing everything that we can.

Other than the (make you gag along with her) cough that Natalie has....she's fine. No fever, no malaise, no other signs or symptoms which makes for an awkward situation. To go out or not to go.....she needs her exercise, that will help, but I don't want to get her over tired or overheated and potentially do more harm than good. ugh!

Maybe a little further evaluation of the situation is in order, its early. Natalie was up and moving early this morning....that means we're all up and moving early.

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