Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Natalie update: Pink Vests and Staph

Natalie had her original Vest for a couple of years. It was black, it was ugly, it was made poorly. It was that weird plastic cloth material. It caused to hoses to unravel and the air flow to get pinched off if she moved a certain way. It was a pain. Finally one of the clips broke and we had an excuse to get a new one. I called Hill-Rom and, as always, they were happy to send replacement parts to us.

Natalie was really excited to get her pink vest...it really makes treatment time easier. The hoses stay in place the vest covers her whole chest despite looking a little large and as a bonus, it has made treatment time much more quiet.

In the midst of changing all if this stuff around, Natalie developed a cough. I thought maybe The Vest was moving more stuff around, but after a week or so and a trip to Tulane the Doctors decided to treat her for her staph.

I was a little confused by this, I mean Natalie always grows staph. It's part of her normal culture, H flu and regular staph.

So I guess it got out of hand this time. We're almost through with this round of antibiotics. She seems to be better. We will have to go back and see If he wants to do a second round.

But for now, we're okay.....let the summer begin.

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  1. Hey Juli,

    Natalie looks very cute and proud in her new, pink vest. Glad that it's working out well for her/you and the 2nd round of antibiotics has her feeling better.

    Have a wonderful summer!!