Thursday, May 5, 2011

College bound!

I have made many excuses for not finishing my nursing degree over the past 4 1/2 years. All of them revolving around Natalie.

August marks the start of a new era. Natalie will be venturing off to Pre-K....that leaves Mommy home alone with a lot of time on her hands.

What to do? What to do?

My first round at Southeastern was nothing more than an expensive daily party with my friends. Twelve years later I'm hoping to get more out of it.

I submitted my application this morning as a returning student.

A returning student.

A thirty year old returning student.

*fingers crossed* that they let me back in....

I was hoping that after 12 years the computer had forgotten me. It seems not. I hesitantly entered all of my info under the returning student section and hit "submit".....the screen popped up "HELLO JULI". It was almost like a tease, a taunt...."yes, yes, you're back.....we knew you'd be back" with that evil villain voice and the clasping and massaging of the hands......

So now I wait. I wait to see if they're going to give me another shot and wait to see if I can get the student loans to get this done.

My nerves are shot. My brain is fried. But its all okay, 'cause I'm college bound baby! ;)


  1. Awesome. I forget sometimes how young you are and how much you've been through. I went to college late. You'll do great and really get a lot out of it. Go, Juli, Go, Juli.

  2. Thanks UC. So ready for this. It's time :)