Thursday, January 27, 2011

A phone call and a prayer.

I got a phone call from our regional CFF office.

We're putting together an event for the Northshore to dwarf all other local CFF fundraising events. Its going to be huge. Its going to be massive. Its going to be amazing.

I have that fire again. It strengthens in waves, but its always there. An ever burning glimmer even in the coldest and darkest of times.

There will be a cure. If not a cure then a real treatment. A treatment for the root cause. A treatment that will make this disease manageable, survivable. It will happen.

I am not the brains that will figure out the right combination of molecules.

I am not the hands that will write the formula.

But I can be the feet that walk for the cure. I can be the voice that talks until everyone hears, until they feel our need and desperation so closely that it is as if it is their own.... and I can love my daughter and everyone with this disease enough to make the idea of failure an impossibility....

One step at a time. One dollar at a time. One memory, one plea, one heartbreak at a time until they hear....until its done, until there are no more children leaving their parents, until there are no more parents leaving their children....

We fight alone, but we fight as one.

We fight for a common goal, for a common future.

It will be ours.


  1. Nice. I'm with you. Lead the way.

  2. glad you've got that fire :) i wanna be involved... keep me posted.
    - shannon

  3. @UC
    Thank you my friend. You are an awesome source of support for me, as always. much love ~j

  4. @ shannon

    You will def be kept in the loop. Its gonna be awesome!