Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas, cold, and heat.

Its sneaking up on me. There is so much to do. I was never the type to actually write out a "to do" list. I always just kind of made it up in my mind and removed them mentally as I accomplished each task.

No more.

I actually sat down this morning and wrote out a list of things that I need to accomplish in the next two weeks (give or take a day or two).

As we all know, Christmas falls on a Saturday so that means that I will be spending Christmas day and the day after dragging myself out of bed for 16 hour work shifts....ugh! ugh! ugh! oh and did I mention UGH!!!! So that cuts me even shorter on time to get anything done.....*sigh* Oh I'm sure it will work out, but at what expense? My sanity? perhaps. It could be could ALWAYS be worse.

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit this week. Caitlin got to go shopping and they brought some really nice furniture for the girls..... THANKS GRANDMA AND GRANDPA!!! They are truly wonderful people and the girls just adore them.

Amongst other random activities of the week, the heater broke in the new house....ugh! I went to work Thursday night and when I got home Friday morning and went to turn it on.....nothing happened....nothing. I'm not the type to waste electricity so I had turned it off when i left the night it was cold....brrrrr! Thankfully it wasn't too cold Friday (mid to upper 60's), and thankfully (knowing my luck) I had the foresight to purchase a home warranty. So it was covered, however, they weren't able to come out until today...Soooo, I got creative. I turned on the oven and opened the door, closed all of the bedroom doors, turned on the bathroom heater opened the bathroom door. It worked perfectly. Caitlin was gone for the weekend and Natalie left Friday afternoon so I cuddled up with a pillow and slept on the sofa.

Were there better ways?


Could I have slept somewhere else?

Definitely. I had more than one offer.

But I wasn't going anywhere....this is my house. Through the good times and bad, broken and repaired, until uninhabitable do we part :) I love my house.

Over the weekend the other J brought a space heater from my parents house and came and warmed up the house before I got home so that I could sleep comfortably (he's so good), so it worked out fine. And as of 10:30 this morning the heater is fixed and we are good to go....yay!

Natalie is well. We have completed her Cipro which she lovingly (sarcasm) nicknamed "yucky white". At least we're down one medication on that ever growing medication list, right?

So we're off to run errands and check off items on my no longer imagined "to do" list. What's today? Monday? The 13th....ugh! Ten days, ten days, ten days! Oh my!

All of my best to you during this holiday rush! ~j


  1. I can't believe you move into your house and the heater goes out. Oh, man. Nice buy on the home warranty.

  2. BTW, is my imagination or do you change the look of your site every day?

  3. Im starting to get accustomed to this Murphy's Law way of life, so the home warranty was a no brainer.

    Not every day, just once every three months or so....Actually I was playing around and deleted some of my settings so I had to start over....but thanks for calling me out! much love ~j