Wednesday, September 1, 2010

That's one HUGE leap forward....and maybe a stumbling block or two....

Life goes on, evens out, progresses, changes....always. Things keep going, and going, and going. "..Life's like an hourglass glued to the table..."

We've reached a major milestone in CF life....Natalie is swallowing her enzymes whole. Yay! She learned this one totally by accident. She was out with my sister and just happened to not have any applesauce, so her Aunt Kayla coaxed her into it and there's no stopping now. She's so proud of herself every time she takes them and Mommy is proud too. She's just growing up so fast, so fast.

On the flip side, she woke up yesterday morning with her eye swollen shut. I took her to the eye doctor (her regular pediatrician preferred it that way) The swelling seems to be an allergic reaction to an insect bite, but they did an eye exam anyway....and she failed it....miserably.

I had grown accustomed to clumsy children. I was clumsy, I walked into doors in grade school. Ive gotten more than one call from the school for Caitlin walking into a pole or a door. (Its okay to laugh, its definitely funny)So when Natalie started walking into doors and hitting the corner of the wall when trying to walk around it, I never thought twice. But as she was sitting in my lap, my heart kinda sank a little when she looked at the nurse and said "ummm that's a little too far away..." and I could see it perfectly. I was hoping that it was a fluke, so was the nurse, so she backed up the slides and showed it to her again. The pictures popped up on the screen and once again, "ummm that's a little too far away" *sigh* So next week we will be repeating the eye exam. The doctor prefers that both eyes are healthy before we jump to any conclusions. I agree, but I cant help but worry.

On another note, we may be getting a house of our own soon. My sister has done more than her share in letting us hang out for a while, but I am hoping to be moving on very shortly. Just waiting on a phone call at this point, so we shall see....

Love to you all. ~j


  1. It's hard being a parent. You're doing a good job. I hope the next eye doctor appointment goes better.

  2. Thanks for the pat on the back, and the encouragement. Its always nice hearing from you. Another Saints game tonight, against the Titans.....hmmmm who to root for? The home team or the team from the state that holds my heart....decisions, decisions. Hope you have a lovely week dear. ~j

  3. That is always a hard choice, which team to root for. What will you do if they both reach the Super Bowl?

  4. HA! like that would ever happen :) ~j

  5. It's been a while since your last post. How are things?