Thursday, August 5, 2010

to bitch or not to bitch, that is the question.

Every time I open this page, there is a burning question that I must answer. Do I bitch? Do I vent? How am I really feeling right now? What is really on my mind?

I'm tired of bitching. I'm tired of I starting to bitch about bitching? ugh! How annoying is that? :)

School starts Monday. I don't know whether to be excited or sad or worried. 5th grade. Caitlin is going to be in 5th grade. Questions I don't want her to ask. Answers I don't want to give. My sister asked me if I remembered what I was doing in 5th grade....I remember, oh how I remember.

Natalie is on antibiotics again...cough, sinus congestion, ear infection. Her medication list grows and shrinks and grows and shrinks. Her weight is holding steady, so we're going to focus on the good parts.

Other than that, its just the usual. Kids screaming, phones ringing. Daddy can't do this and Daddy cant do that this day or that day. Its gonna be fine though. Why? 'cause I'm awesome :)

love to you and yours! ~j


  1. You are awesome. I like that talk. You will be who you say and think you are.

  2. Thanks UC. Always lovely to get your input. Not trying to turn this into a vulgar gripe fest, but sometimes it gets old sounding so innocent, when I am not so very innocent at all....i think this blog has painted the wrong picture, thats all.....anyhoo. hope your day of ensure went well, hope you get to feeling 100% soon! much love! ~j

  3. I just had this crazy thought. When football season comes around, I think you need to add a picture of yourself all decked out in Saints garb. Face painted, Saints hat on, the whole nine yards. :-)

  4. for you, anything :) consider it done! ~j