Thursday, August 19, 2010


I bought a cheesecake a couple of days ago. It was a turtle cheesecake....caramel, chocolate, one else eats cheesecake, except me. Therefore, I had to eat it myself. I am sorely disappointed in myself....maybe not. It was good.

That's about as deep as I go lately. Cheesecake. Ive tried for days to write an update.... to tell you something exciting....share some great happening. I just cant think the way I used to.

A large majority of my posts came from pain, from indecision, from unhappiness. I'm just not in that place anymore.

I'm good, really good. The girls are fine. Caitlin is getting accustomed to this advancement in school and Natalie is Natalie, still fighting her treatments and still being just so darn cute. Ive said many times, its a good thing she is so cute....keeps her out of a lot of trouble.

We do have a new addition to the family courtesy of Grandma Jo. His name is James. He's a hermit crab. I have pictures, but that's another post for another day.... I will however leave you with a video of my breakfast time serenade. Maybe this will give you a better idea of Natalie's cuteness factor. much love ~j

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