Friday, October 19, 2012

Let's talk about P-P-D....let's talk about....okay, okay, I quit.

I would be remiss if I didn't admit to my slight case of PPD. I havent moved from my house for anything significant (except the Parish Fair my sister dragged me to a couple of weeks ago) since the baby was born.

Doctor appointments here, doctor appointments there. Grocery store now and, school to drop off Natalie, rinse and repeat. The CVS on the corner is my new best friend, along with all of the cashiers. I lost my ExtraCare card and I think they have my phone number nearly memorized from me being in there so often. They know me so well, in fact, that I no longer get the standard "Welcome to CVS" greeting.....No, no. I get the "Hey, where are all the kids?" or "Hey, how'd you make it out of the house on your own?" or "You look tired today." Strangely comforting as my socializing has come to a screeching halt.....

J has been working so much that we cant even catch a moment to talk...He walks in, I hand him the baby and go hide in the corner....Not really but I have fantasies....I wonder sometimes if people could see the play and hear the soundtrack of my life if they would commit me or turn it into a true screenplay......It is quite an interesting ride, if I do say so myself.

Natalie loves school, but her "wise beyond her years" and independent minded little self doesn't mesh with the robotic "yes ma'am, no ma'am" that kindergarten teachers expect. I'm waiting patiently on her first detention to arrive. We have made it through the first nine weeks with no "blue dots" (which apparently are bad) and no parent-teacher conferences. I'm proud.

As for Caitlin......Has anyone seen my little girl? She still shows up in pieces and parts, but generally this nearly 13 year old attitude monster inhabits her body. I can't wait until shes 25 and the monster departs.

Me? Im going to wear a hole in the corner of this sofa.....stare off into space.....and think of my next blog. Or clean up some puke (the baby is sick again), or do some dishes....and that laundry is calling my name....*sigh* With how exciting my life is, inspiration comes to me in the strangest of places.....and always when I am away from a computer. Figures.

Until next time. All of my best. ~j

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  1. Welcome back Juli!! We've missed you and you're welcome to vent here anytime you want. We'll listen; and it may not be P-P-D you're experiencing; but only juggling life's many challenges thrown your way, and I would bet the farm that you are handling them very well. Just glad you found your way back.

    Larry in GA