Monday, October 10, 2011


I've been avoiding this place....I apologize.

This is a window into my world, I brought you guys along for the ride and then ducked out.....I can't say I'm sorry enough.

Natalie is fine. Caitlin is fine. The house is fine. The job is fine. Everything is fine....just fine.

I have been extraordinarily stressed out though....soon you will all know why, but for now, I'm keeping this one close to the chest, so to speak. The problem is that, ironically enough, this is the one place where I find it difficult to not be totally honest, as a result, I haven't even opened the web page until this evening....or any of my friends' pages.....or any CF pages period. Our annual Halloween walk is coming up and I haven't even made preparations for that....I've just been in a daze. I'm coming out of it though. I promise to do better.....

I love you guys and have missed you all dearly.

Please accept my apology.

All of my best. ~j


  1. Thanks for posting and the twitter message. Just glad to know all of you are okay. Did you start college?

  2. unfortunately not, UC. We have some other major changes coming up and one at a time is all I can really handle right now....maybe fall of next year. Thanks for stopping by. ~j

  3. I've missed you Juli and so glad to hear you and the girls are doing well.
    Hope the stress is easing up and you are seeing things clearer now.
    Your Saints and Tigers are tough this year too. Great game this past weekend vs the Panthers. My Tigers stink!! Maybe next year though. Take care and all the best to you.
    Oh, and BEAT BAMA!!!!

    "GA" AU fan

  4. We are doing fine. Thank you for checking in with us. :) The Saints and the Tigers are doing extraordinarily well....I only wish that I got to actually enjoy some of the games.....its seems they are all on Saturdays and Sundays and, well, we all know where Im hanging out on the weekends :) Jefferson is back and Lee has been less than a mess this year so Im hoping that LSU continues its lethal quarterback combo....and if the Saints can fix the D and the secondary it could be an amazing season for them as well....Sorry your Tigers are "stinking" this you said, there's always next year :) All of my best ~j